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(Sandra Helena Rede Lovera)

Born in 1985, Sandra Rede is a versatile artist from Guadalajara, Mexico, who specializes in painting, illustration, graphic design, and writing. She has showcased her artwork in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including countries such as Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Ukraine, Australia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sandra's paintings and illustrations have also been featured in various magazines and books. Her preferred techniques include working with acrylics and colored pencils.

In addition to her artistic works, Sandra has explored numerous other forms of expression. She has designed patterns, created paper mache figures and art toys, explored pyrography, and even dabbled in fashion design and photography. In 2011, she received the Special Jury Prize at "The 1st Gold Panda International Cartoon and Illustration Competition" held in Beijing, China.

Artist Statement 

My artwork is characterized by the use of vivid and contrasting colors, blending intuitive abstract and geometric elements to create a harmonious interplay. Infused with my profound and personal universe of emotions and ideas, it explores the delicate balance between beauty and mystery, the fleeting nature of innocence, and the melancholic state of uncertainty.

My sources of inspiration come from various fields such as graphic design, interior and textile design, art, illustration, music, designer toys, handcrafts from different traditions, fashion, gothic aesthetics, and photography. However, I find that the world's folklore provides an endless wellspring of creative ideas and inspiration that fuels my work.

My fascination with distant cultures has inspired me to explore my own heritage, which I incorporate into both my personal life and artistic pursuits. I use a diverse range of shapes, patterns, and colors inspired by different cultures to offer a unique and honest perspective on the human experience, free from unnecessary symbolism. Ultimately, my goal is to distill these cultural influences into a single artistic vision that touches viewers on an emotional level and leaves a lasting impression.

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